Hello there, and welcome to Where to Next! We are so excited to see you exploring our new(!) site today and hope you’ll stay awhile. 🥰 

To introduce ourselves, we’re Angela and Linda, the co-founders of FLOAT/THERE. Normally, we’re both based in the lovely city of Philadelphia, where we are grad students at the University of Pennsylvania. But currently Linda is quarantining in Chicago with her boyfriend, while Angela stayed in Philly with her dog. 🤗

Both us love to travel and we even both worked in the travel tech industry before we met in grad school. That is why we’re so passionate about working to make travel more delightful for women. We believe every part of the journey you take should spark joy and inspire adventure, not cause stress or cost a fortune. So we decided to start FLOAT/THERE, determined to help women look and feel their best while they explore.

Even though we can’t physically travel right now due to COVID, we can still write about it and hopefully inspire other women to dream about where they’ll go when this is all over.

Stay tuned for our Travel Recaps series, where we’ll...you know, recap our travels. You get the point - sign up for our newsletter below for updates!


Angela & Linda

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