15 Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Love to Travel

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 10! Even while we’re quarantined at home, don’t forget to make some time to celebrate the special moms in your life. If you want to find the perfect gift for a mom who loves to travel, we’ve compiled a list of travel-inspired gift ideas that she can start to enjoy at home immediately, and then will seamlessly transition to her #TravelLater plans.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask ($48)

She can use this jet lag mask after a flight (did you know flying can really dehydrate skin?) or as an overnight mask to achieve that perfectly dewy, woke-up-like-this look in the morning. Another plus for traveling this mask doesn’t need to be rinsed off.

2. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle ($95)

Pricey for a water bottle, but so nifty. This self-cleaning water bottle has a UV-C LED light that purifies the bottle with the touch of a button. 🤯 Perfect for staying hydrated on-the-go, or at home watching Netflix.

3. Homesick Candle ($30)

Wherever she is right now, give her a little reminder of home OR her favorite place to travel. Choose from scents reminiscent of her favorite city, state, or country. For example, the Indiana candle promises to bring you back to the hazy summer festivities of the great Hoosier State, from popped kettle corn, to hay and selvage denim (aww 🥺).

4. Babbel Subscription ($49+)

Is she planning a trip abroad when quarantine ends? Give her the gift of gab with a Babbel subscription so she can start learning the language now. 🤓

5. Portable Power Bank ($40)

This may sound boring, but this isn't just any power bank  this one is a game-changer because it has all the cords needed built-in!  🔌 We all know it’s a pain to remember to bring both the battery and phone cords on day trips.

6. Phlur Refillable Fragrance Travel Case ($28 for case + $96 for fragrance)

This TSA-approved fragrance case is the perfect size bigger than your typical perfume samples but small enough to carry-on. Get her this as an add-on to one of Phlur’s clean and sustainable fragrances (tip: we’re obsessed with Phlur’s Hanami scent - it’s super unique and minimalist).

7. Tile Stickers ($40+)

This is for the forgetful moms out there. She can stick these on her phone, keys, wallet, etc, so if she misplaces anything, she can easily use the app to track it down. Great for not leaving things behind in hotel rooms.

8. Monopoly Deal ($8)

Easier, faster, and (dare we say) more fun version of traditional Monopoly. 🤑 Very portable, so it’s a great game to play on layovers. Unfortunately this is one game that is quite difficult to play over Zoom game nights.

9. Quip Starter Set ($25+)

Yes, a toothbrush is a little strange as a gift, but she’ll get so much use out of this whether she’s traveling or not. Not only are these toothbrushes aesthetically pleasing, but they’re great for bringing on trips because they’re compact and don’t require charging like many other electric toothbrushes.

10. Tula Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm ($28)

This eye balm is great for applying in the morning right after waking up, or after a long flight to help her feel awake and look refreshed. The cooling effect is immediate. 🥶

11. Rothy’s Slip-On Sneakers ($125)

These sneakers are cute and comfy, plus they’re machine washable and knitted from recycled plastic fibers. ♻️ Great plane shoes.

12. Outdoor Voices RecTrek Pants ($85)

Super versatile pants that can comfortably be worn lounging on the couch or hiking in the next national park on her list. 🏞

13. Mejuri Travel Case ($85)

Beautiful leather travel case for fine jewelry. Best part it can be monogrammed with her initials.

14. Audible Subscription ($15+)

Moms are busy, so gift her a subscription to Audible so she can choose what books to listen to if she wants to multitask.

15. CLEAR Membership ($179)

Okay, we lied - this is the only gift on the list that she can’t start using immediately. But she can always activate this subscription later. Jetsetting moms will love having a CLEAR membership to get through airport security faster, even if they already have TSA PreCheck.


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